Learn how your bum can Uncrap the World

Come and visit the Bum Powered Change tuk tuk. An electric truck, adorned with empowering Bum-per stickers, where simply adding a Who Gives a Crap toilet roll kick-starts a chain reaction of positive global transformation.

From helping to save trees when people switch to Who Gives a Crap’s eco-friendly loo roll to providing toilets and sanitation in the developing world through donating 50% of profits to WASH, plus amazing value for money, with double length rolls and soft, strong paper, leading to happy bottoms. Their mechanical diorama springs to life with animated scenes as the toilet roll passes by each part of the story, uncrapping the world as it goes.

Look out for the sensational dancing bum choir as the final curtain is dropped. Plus with the world’s first toilet roll pick ‘n’ mix’ station on the back of the truck, you can feel the paper quality for yourselves and compare the 100% recycled paper and 100% bamboo ranges.