IMG Ltd is committed to sustainability of the Taste of London event.

Through embracing the principles of stewardship, inclusivity, integrity, and transparency throughout our management processes we aim to ensure the on-going success of our events and our business.
We actively encourage all interested parties, for our events to adopt a philosophy of sustainability. To help achieve this we communicate our objectives, plans and achievements for sustainability to them.
Our objectives for sustainability include:
  • Mitigating environmental effects of our events
  • Supporting socio-economic development through use of local sourced material and people
  • Inclusiveness of all groups in our event offerings
  • Compliance with all national and local regulations
  • Consideration of our neighbours in planning and delivering the events
Our efforts for sustainability on-site include:
  • Reusable water bottles and re-fill stations by Bottle Up
  • Recycling bins stationed throughout the event
  • Mains power and bio-fuel powered event
  • All restaurant cooking oil is recycled
We monitor performance against these objectives and take steps to address any shortfalls, thereby continually improving the overall sustainability of our events
Working with our venues, exhibitors, suppliers, sponsors, and contractors through every aspect of our events, we develop plans to mitigate the effects of the event across key areas such as energy, purchasing, waste and potential socio-economic impacts.
We risk assess and manage any effects we have on the environment or community to mitigate their impact and maximise positive benefits.
Through this philosophy we aim to continually develop our business into the future through financial and practical sustainability. Therefore, we take steps to ensure that all activities we are involved in are achievable and help support the continuance of our business.
Continual improvement of sustainability is incorporated into every aspect of our planning and throughout the events we are involved in. Furthermore, IMG – Taste of London is committed to ensuring we meet all venue and legislative requirements for sustainability with each project run in accordance with the ISO20121-2013 standard.

Through our policies and actions, we aim to be a sustainable business with a positive benefit to everyone associated with us and help maintain the communities in which we live and work.