Behold, our 2023 Taste of London menus in all their delicious glory. Try not to get too much fomo because you didn’t try these dishes.

(V) = Vegetarian, (VG) = Vegan, (H) = Halal

A note on our dietary information

We aim to cater for as many people as possible to ensure everyone is able to enjoy delicious food during the festival, and encourage every restaurant to bring at least one vegetarian or vegan dish.

Whilst some of our restaurants have noted dishes without gluten, the guidelines surrounding whether we can state that a dish is gluten free are very specific. All elements must be prepared in a strict and controlled condition for us to be able to use this symbol, which unfortunately just isn’t possible at Taste as we’re a pop-up festival.

Please have a chat with any of our restaurants and artisan producers when you drop by about the ingredients in their dishes. They will always be happy to help with any questions (and convince you into another dish or two).

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