Tom Aikens’ spicy crab cakes with tomato salsa

We all relish something warm and tasty. Try making the spicy crab cakes Tom Aikens’ brought to Taste!

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Cocktail recipe: Good Fortune

Celebrate the year of the pig with this delicious Good Fortune cocktail dreamt up by Diageo’s global cocktailian, Lauren Mote!

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Beef Cheeks in Red Wine Sauce

These flavourful slow-roasted beef cheeks, or ‘Carilleras’ as they’re known in northern Spain, were originally served as a second course at dinner. One pintxo bar began to feature them on the menu and nearly all followed suit. Make them tonight and you’ll see why…

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Tarang Cocktail

Ready to par-tea? Try making Bombay Bustle’s delicious Darjeeling-infused mango bellini inspired by Tarang, Pakistan’s #1 tea-whitener

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Cocktail recipe: Johnnie Walker Hot Toddy

Most often served in a brandy glass, the comforting warmth and smokiness of this Hot Toddy recipe make it the perfect drink for any time you need warming up.

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Four cheese fondue

Have a go at making this indulgent 70s classic…

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Gluten-free double chocolate baked doughnuts

Try your hand at this delicious doughnut recipe created by Happy Skin Kitchen for our artisan producer MIA.

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Cocktail: Ketel One Oranje Espresso Martini

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Tom Aiken’s delicious mince pies

Did you know that Brits buy over 370 million mince pies each year, with the average Brit eating up to 27? How about making them at home this year? Following Tom Aikens’ appearance at Taste along with his restaurant Tom’s Kitchen, he’s perfected the mince pie. Here’s the recipe: Method Mincemeat 1. Mix all the … Continued

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Cataplana (fish stew)

This fish stew is a typical dish from the Algarve in southern Portugal and named after the cooking utensil traditionally used to make it

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BBQ pulled jackfruit burrito

Try this magnificent, meat-free burrito by the masterminds behind Club Mexicana.

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Kale and butternut squash salad (poriyal)

Try this warm and wonderful kale and butternut squash salad sent in by

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Recipe: grilled aubergine with peanut, tamarind and chilli

Try this innovative aubergine taster dish sent in by Chef Vivek Singh of Cinnamon Kitchen

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Wild prawns kalimirch

Try these tasty prawns spiced with black peppercorns

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Crispy potatoes, ox heart, chimichurri and gorgonzola

This recipe is from Aaron Webster, who runs Smoke & Salt in Brixton. He created this homage to Steak, Chips and Blue Cheese as a dish that is sustainable, but in his opinion, also better than the original.

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Cocktail recipe: elderflower skyball

Get your party started with this sweet and summery drink

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Carne asada tacos

Enjoy this simple but delicious dish with a well-balanced marinade

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Chicken Calabrese

Try this fiery chicken and ‘nduja stew sent in by Francesco Mazzei, head chef at some of London’s most prestigious Italian restaurants.

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Blood orange saffron polenta cake with cardamom rose cream

Sticky, sweet, and a strong orange flavour. What’s not to like about this blood orange polenta cake from Gul & Sepoy?

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Sea bass & mussel moilee

Enjoy this aromatic spicy sea bass an mussel curry from Michelin-starred chef Rohit Ghai.

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Cocktail recipe: Ketel One Dutch Mule

A Ketel One vodka twist on the classic Moscow Mule, served long with spicy ginger, zesty fresh lime and aromatic bitters.

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Cocktail recipe: Bulleit old fashioned

Enjoy a classic Old Fashioned cocktail made with Bulleit Bourbon’s bold notes of oak and spice, tamed with sugar and bitters and served short over ice with a twist of orange.

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Cocktail recipe: Don Julio margarita

Zesty fresh lime, Don Julio tequila and sweet triple-sec combine in this authentic Mexican classic.

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Recipe: octopus, mojo verde, baby potatoes and txistorra

Enjoy this great tasting Tapas dish sent in by Barrafina. Mojo verde salsa brings a cool taste to complement the big, rich flavours from the txistorra. Serve as part of a Spanish tapas or as a standalone dish.

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Crab and Amalfi Lemon Tagliolini

Try this deliciously fresh and zesty pasta recipe by Francesco Mazzei

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Cocktail recipe: Tanqueray No TEN & Tonic

Try this take on the classic Gin & Tonic, made with Tanqueray No TEN and complimented with a grapefruit wedge for a bright and complex citrus flavour.

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Jackfruit Carnitas

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Grana Padano PDO Cheese wafer with mackrel and mousseline

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Coffee-crusted rib-eye

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Poached wontons in chilli garlic sauce

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Cocktail recipe: Perfect Ten

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Cocktail recipe: Grapefruit Julep

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Crispy Duck Salad

Try this delicious crispy duck salad from Chai Wu.

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Grana Padano PDO and truffle doughnut

Savoury doughnuts, oozing with gooey Grana Padano PDO cheese and topped with grated truffle.

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Ghati Masala Prawns

Enjoy cooking this spicy prawn masala, originating from the mountainous Ghat village of Maharashtra, India.

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Cocktail recipe: Talisker Sour

The rich pepper and spice notes of Talisker whisky shaken up with zesty lime, sugar and celery bitters, finished with fresh fennel tips.

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Cured trout, ricotta and tomatoes

British seafood is undervalued. It’s fresh, healthy, high in protein and most importantly delicious, so why not try your hand at this light trout recipe?

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Cocktail recipe: Prosecco DOC “Bicicletta”

This zesty and refreshing cocktail by Danilo Cortellini is super easy to make and only takes a couple of minutes to prepare. Pair with Grana Padano PDO Cheese agnolotti cacio e pepe for a true Italian summer feast!

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Grana Padano PDO cheese agnolotti recipe Taste of London food festival

Agnolotti Grana Padano PDO Cheese cacio e pepe

This recipe by Danilo Cortellini is a mixture of regional Italian cultures joining together to create a delicious pasta dish. Pair with a Prosecco DOC Bicicletta cocktail for the ultimate summer feast!

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Bay leaf panna cotta recipe sorella restaurant Taste of London food festival

Bay leaf panna cotta, poached rhubarb and shortbread

Round off your ultimate summer feast with this sublime bay leaf panna cotta with poached rhubarb and shortbread recipe by Dean Parker of Sorella Restaurant.

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on julio tequila paloma cocktail recipe taste of london food festival

Cocktail recipe: Don Julio Paloma

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style with this refreshing paloma cocktail with Don Julio tequila, zippy fresh pink grapefruit juice, lime and topped with soda.

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Meraki Restaurant Taste of London food festival

Lamb chops with den miso aubergine

Channel the spirit of summer with this sublime lamb chops recipe with aubergine, miso and hummus by Athinagoras Kostakos of Meraki restaurant.

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charred mackerel rhubarb escabeche recipe smoke & salt taste of london food festival

Charred mackerel with rhubarb escabeche

This delicious charred mackerel recipe with tart rhubarb and zesty escabeche by Smoke and Salt packs a flavour-filled punch and is the perfect opening dish to your summer feast.

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ciroc star martini recipe taste of london cocktails

Cocktail recipe: Cîroc Star Martini

This fruity fresh blend of Cîroc French Vanilla Vodka, tropical passionfruit and zesty lime is served with a side shot of Champagne – the perfect party night cocktail!

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bulleit bourbon blt recipe cocktails taste of london food festival

Cocktail recipe: Bulleit BLT

This refreshing bourbon cocktail recipe is served long over ice with a hit of zesty fresh lemon; a great companion to longer spring evenings and BBQs with friends.

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Greek Salad recipe Meraki restaurant taste of london food festival

Meraki Greek Salad

The simple greatness of the classic Greek salad is given extra wow factor with the addition of wood smoked feta and crunchy fried bread in this delicious spring recipe by Meraki restaurant

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Portland restaurant Halbit Crudo recipe taste of london food festival

Crudo of halibut, smoked cream and heritage radishes

This elegant halibut crudo recipe by Merlin Labron-Johnson of Portland Restaurant is swaddled in a velvety smoked cultured cream and topped with slivers of radish

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Ketel One Bloody Mary recipe Taste of London food festival

Cocktail recipe: Ketel One Vodka Bloody Mary

Brunch isn’t real brunch without the very epitome of this magical meal: the iconic Bloody Mary. To help you crown your next occasion with a delicious classic, we give you the official Ketel One Vodka Bloody Mary recipe

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Tanqueray 10 grapefruit collins recipe taste of london food festival

Cocktail recipe: Tanqueray No. Ten Grapefruit Collins

This refreshing twist on the classic Tom Collins recipe replaces lemon with fresh grapefruit juice, a perfect accompaniment to the bold citrus notes of Tanqueray No 10 gin.

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Ketel One Espresso Martini recipe Taste of London food festival

Cocktail recipe: Ketel One Espresso Martini

If, as they say, life is all about balance, then the Espresso Martini might be the very embodiment of life itself. A healthy dose of chilled espresso, plus as much again of Ketel One Vodka and a little sugar syrup for balance – and the rest, they say, is history.

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Ma la beef tenderloin recipe Hutong restaurant taste of london

Ma la beef tenderloin

Ma la is a much celebrated regional sauce in Sichuan cuisine, the term ‘ma la’ is a combination of two Chinese characters: “numbing” and “spicy”. Fei Wang of Hutong has adapted the recipe to perfectly complement the texture of beef tenderloin

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Gavurdag recipe - Yosma taste of london restaurant

Gavurdag salad

This fresh, vibrant Turkish salad by Hus Vedat of Yosma is super simple to throw together and makes for a perfect accompaniment to just about anything!

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veal chop gremolata recipe les 110 de taillevent restaurant taste of london

Veal chop gremolata

Tender, succulent veal chops and zesty, herbaceous gremolata are a match made in heaven in this flavour-packed recipe by Raphael Grima of Les 110 de Taillevent.

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Bermondsey Bomb recipe Jose Pizarro taste of london restaurant festival

Bermondsey Bomb

This mouthwatering starter or sharing dish by Jose Pizarro of Pizarro restaurants is a playful twist on the La Bomba de la Barceloneta, one of the most popular tapas in Barcelona

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Duck Pie recipe portland restaurant

Duck pie

When Portland restaurant first opened, their pithivier of wild game was so popular they couldn’t keep up with demand and had to remove it from the menu! Here’s a simplified version of the recipe to recreate at home.

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Uova purgatorio baked eggs recipe Sartoria restaurant

Uova piccanti al basilico “purgatorio”

This classic Neapolitan recipe by Francesco Mazzei of Sartoria restaurant literally translates as “eggs in purgatory” and features eggs poached in a fiery tomato sauce accompanied by chunks of crusty bread. A perfect hangover-busting brunch dish!

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Bubbledogs cheddar corn muffin recipe maple butter Taste of London recipes

Cheddar honey corn muffins with maple butter

These versatile cheddar corn muffins by Sandia Chang of Bubbledogs are equally delicious served as a dinner party opening salvo, as part of a decadent BBQ spread or even as an indulgent weekend brunch dish.

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classic tortilla recipe Barrafina Taste of London

Spanish tortilla

Some classic recipes are so good by themselves no tinkering is required to make them shine. Barrafina’s perennially popular signature tortilla is exactly that. Just add a chilled glass of something Spanish!

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sautéed squid recipe with onions and potatoes José Pizarro Taste of London

Sautéed squid, onions and potatoes

This amazing recipe by José Pizarro is a twist on calamari à la romana (deep fried squid) – one of the most popular tapas all over Spain and synonymous with Spanish cooking.

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Puka picante recipe Martin Morales ceviche Taste of London

Puka Picante Vegetariano

This vibrant vegetarian dish by Martin Morales of Ceviche is big on colour and flavour, and is a popular special occasion recipe served during birthdays and weddings in the Andes.

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Roasted peach massaman curry

This awesome vegan take on a traditional massaman curry by Sebby Holmes of Farang is packed full of fresh fruit and Asian vegetables, the ultimate pairing for aromatic spices.

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Mint julep recipe glengoyne taste of london

Cocktail recipe: Glengoyne Mint Julep

Laced with mint and finished with bitters, the Mint Julep is ultimate whisky lover’s cocktail. This twist on the classic by Glengoyne Whisky adds a hint of tartness by using rhubarb bitters, perfectly complementing the cask strength whisky.

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4 cheese fondue recipe The Cheese Bar Taste of London

Four cheese fondue

This indulgent four cheese fondue recipe by The Cheese Bar uses British cheeses that are similar to the traditional Alpine varieties used for the ultimate comfort food dish!

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Langleys Gin Bramble recipe Taste of London artisan producers

Cocktail recipe: Bramble

The Bramble cocktail is a modern day classic. It’s fresh, fruity flavour and long presentation style made it an instant hit and is now a stable inclusion in cocktail menus across the world.

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borough broth co chicken pho taste of london artisan producers

Vietnamese chicken pho

This comforting chicken pho noodle soup recipe by Borough Broth Company is packed full of restorative qualities, and is perfectly hearty and satisfying on a chilly winter’s evening.

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Pennsylvania Dutch non-alcoholic cocktail recipe seedlip Taste of London

Cocktail recipe: Pennsylvania Dutch

This non-alcoholic cocktail recipe by Seedlip Drinks is inspired by the 17th Century colony who created the original raspberry shrub and has a deliciously tart, herbaceous flavour profile.

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French 75 cocktail recipe Langleys Gin Taste of London

Cocktail recipe: French 75

This delicious take on a classic French 75 cocktail by Langley’s Gin is the ultimate recipe for festive fizz!

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Scotch Bhaji recipe Dan Doherty Duck and Waffle Taste of London

The Scotch Bhaji

This ingenious recipe by Dan Doherty of Duck & Waffle combines two comfort foods to create the ultimate party showstopper; the Scotch egg bhaji!

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Glengoyne winters night cocktail Taste of London

Cocktail recipe: Winter’s Night

This cocktail recipe by Glengoyne Whisky harmoniously blends two aspects of sweet and spice; perfect for a cold winter’s night!

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braised octopus pide recipe oklava taste of london

Braised octopus pide

Put a Turkish twist on your next pizza party with this delicious octopus pide recipe by Selin Kiazim of Oklava.

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hot buttered monkey cocktail recipe monkey shoulder Taste of London whisky

Cocktail recipe: Hot Buttered Monkey

This naughty-but-nice hot cocktail recipe by Monkey Shoulder is the ultimate festive indulgence!

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Tracklements cheese fondue with Original Onion Marmalade Taste of London

Gooey cheese fondue pot

This unctuous and gooey delight by Tracklements is the perfect recipe for using up leftover cheese, or when you just need a hefty dollop of comfort food!

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Hot toddy and cloves Langleys Gin Experience Taste of London

Cocktail recipe: Hot Toddy

This hot toddy cocktail recipe by Langley’s Gin is the ultimate way to warm up on a chilly winter’s evening. The combination of honey and cinnamon add the perfect balance of sweet and spicy notes to the Old Tom Gin.

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Feta, aubergine and sweet potato bake recipe Delamina taste of london

Feta, aubergine and sweet potato bake

This hearty feta, aubergine and sweet potato bake by Limor Chen of Delamina is the perfect antidote to long nights and chilly weather. Pair with a hearty red wine and good friends!

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kricket pork cheek vindaloo recipe taste of london restaurant

Pork cheek vindaloo

For a Christmas dish with a difference, we called upon Anglo-Indian aficionados Kricket, who shared their mouthwatering pork cheek vindaloo recipe, the perfect new-old school classic.

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Anna Jones - Chard, Walnut and Leek Crostata recipe taste of london

Chard, leek & walnut crostata

This forgiving tart by Anna Jones comes together pretty quickly, the flaky walnut-spiked pastry sitting around a centre of sweet buttery leeks, chard and some verdant green herbs.

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Melissa Hemsley cocktail recipe final cocktail Taste of London

Ginger, orange and pomegranate vodka cocktails

Iced Tea gets a festive makeover with this delicious ginger, orange and pomegranate cocktail recipe by Melissa Hemsley.

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illy espresso martini recipe taste of london

Cocktail recipe: espresso martini

The espresso martini is a modern classic that’s perfect served as an after-dinner cocktail, but let’s face it, it’s superb any time.

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Clodagh McKenna Nigel World Cheese Awards Taste of London Cheeseboard

How to create the ultimate festive cheese feast

Chef and food writer Clodagh McKenna and Nigel Barden, ambassador of the World Cheese Awards, share their tips for creating the ultimate cheese feast this Christmas

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Andhra Podi Prawns

Andhra Podi prawns are a south Indian snack of fried prawns, spices and herbs, that are equally delicious as a starter or as part of an array of dinner party dishes. Sample Jamavar’s recipe at Taste of London this November!

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Cocktail recipe: Wild Blossom Sour

This wild blossom sour by The Botanist has a beautifully balanced sweet-sour profile and is a delicious crowd-pleaser.

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chocolate mousse cake tahini Delamina Taste of London

Chocolate mousse cake with sweet tahini and sesame crackers

Rustle up this delicious dessert recipe by Delamina on chilly winter’s evenings and turn the cosy factor up to 10. The use of tahini creates a fantastic sweet-savoury profile that balances the sumptuous, rich chocolate mousse cake.

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cuttlefish squid ink rice recipe barrafina taste of london

Cuttlefish and squid ink rice

Level up your next dinner party with this knockout cuttlefish and squid ink recipe by Angel Zapata Martin of Michelin-starred Barrafina.

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Cocktail recipe: Whisky Sour Twist

This simple twist on a classic whisky sour by Glengoyne Distillery using a Scottish honey to add a touch of sweetness that is perfectly pitched for autumn.

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Drambuie Collins lounge taste of london

Cocktail recipe: Drambuie Collins

The classic Tom Collins is given an autumnal revamp with this thirst-quenching recipe by Drambuie.

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sweet sour chicken dragon fruit recipe close up Chai Wu Taste of London

Sweet and sour chicken with dragon fruit

The classic sweet and sour recipe is given a modern upgrade with this delicious recipe by Chai Wu.

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salmon sepharadi style recipe delamina taste of london

Salmon Sephardi style

This delicious salmon recipe by Limor Chen of Delamina makes for a perfect autumnal supper, brimming with flavour and a satisfying kick of spice. Serve with fluffy pitta or sourdough bread.

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Curried crab claws with fennel and fresh herbs

This delicious – but messy! – curried crab recipe by Sebby Holmes of Farang is best shared with a large group of friends, accompanied with steamed jasmine rice.

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Jamavar dal recipe taste of london

Dal chawal aur achaar

The humble Indian street food staple of dal chawal aur achaar (crispy lentil and rice dumplings) is given a refined makeover in this delicious recipe by Rohit Ghai.

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Cranberry brie tartlets recipe tracklements taste of london

Cranberry and brie tartlets

Wow your friends and family with this crowd-pleasing canapé recipe from Tracklements – best enjoyed around the fire with a hearty glass of red.

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Mahbir Indian saffron infused custard recipe taste of london

Saffron infused custard

Treat yourself to a British classic with a new twist with this saffron custard recipe by Mahbir Indian Saffron. Perfect poured generously over your favourite Christmas puddings!

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Quail Tandoori recipe Cafe Spice Namaste Taste of London

Quail tandoori

This quail tandoori recipe by Cyrus Todiwola of Cafe Spice Namaste features a rich and creamy marinade with just a hint of spice, which offsets the tenderness of the quail perfectly.

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BBQ lamb with anticucho miso and purple potato puree

This classic Peruvian dish by Senor Ceviche is perfect for late summer BBQs or rain-safe raucous dinner parties. The delicate flavours of the lamb are bolstered by chargrilling and a generous smack of umami from the accompanying anticucho miso sauce.

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Grilled rack of lamb with ratatouille

This rack of lamb recipe by Pascal Aussignac of Club Gascon comes served with a rustic ratatouille. The rack of lamb can either be grilled or put on the barbecue; it will taste great either way.

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Charred baby corn with mustard and prunes

This unusual baby corn salad recipe by Pascal Aussignac of Club Gascon is a glorious mix of sweet and peppery flavours, with sticky Agen prunes blended with mustard to create a stunning sauce.

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Ali Nazik

This Ali Nazik recipe by Hus Vedat of Yosma features lamb rump, oak fired aubergine, yoghurt and burnt tomato.

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Spiced whole fish

This simple but very effective dish by Vivek Singh of The Cinnamon Cub is perfect for entertaining or an impressive family lunch and works equally well cooked over a barbecue.

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Yosma haydari recipe taste of london


Hus Vedat of Yosma’s haydari recipe is a crowd-pleasing Turkish dip of strained yoghurt packed with a punch of garlic, mint and dill.

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Salmon balls recipe balls & company Taste of London

Salmon Balls

These signature salmon balls by Bonny Porter of Balls & Company pair perfectly with a rich bechamel sauce and a fresh cabbage salad with mint and parsley.

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Aster pork roll recipe Taste of London

Pork rolls with Aquavit mustard

This simple recipe by Aster is a delicious Nordic twist on the classic sausage roll and is the ideal snack for summer garden parties and picnics.

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Scallops with pickled blueberries and lavender

This delicious starter from Pascal Aussignac will bring a taste of summer to any dinner party.

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Super Pollo

Succulent marinated chicken with ricotta and pepper salsa from Senior Ceviche

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Levrek Marine

A zingy starter from Yosma, marinated sea bass, grapefruit, fennel, lime and green chilli, basil

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Negroni recipe Sartoria Taste of London

Cocktail recipe: Negroni

Created in Florence in 1919 for Count Negroni, who wished to strengthen his Americano, the cocktail has since become synonymous with aperitivo cocktails and enjoyed the world over.

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Oldroyd spinach ricotta malfatti recipe taste of london

Spinach and ricotta malfatti, broad beans and crispy sage

This indulgent recipe by Oldroyd is ideal comfort food material, perfect for both sunny and less fortunate weather days. Serve as a main course or make a batch to be dished out and marvelled at over parties.

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Home cured baccala with liquorice, tropea onion jam and charred lettuce

This stunning recipe by Francesco Mazzei draws inspiration from the Venetian interpretation of cod baccala, where the cod is slow cooked with anchovies and onions, and is ideal as a showstopping central piece.

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A plate of Lamb Salsa Verde featured at Taste of London

Roast lamb rump with wild garlic salsa verde

The combination of succulent lamb and fresh, acidic salsa verde are match made in heaven in this recipe by Merlin Labron-Johnson, complimented perfectly by the sweet flavours of baby turnips.

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salmon tartare recipe m restaurants taste of london

Salmon tartare, cucumber and caviar

This recipe by Mike Reid of M Restaurants takes the classic combination of salmon, caviar and cucumber and gives it a delicious, playful inversion.

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primavera tulips recipe club gascon Taste of London

Primavera tulips

This glorious recipe by Pascal Aussignac of Club Gascon is an unusual summer starter that makes spectacular use of fresh seasonal ingredients.

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chocolate mousse recipe les 110 de taillevent Taste of London

Warm chocolate mousse

This luxurious warm chocolate mousse recipe by Les 110 de Taillevent makes for a stunning finale to any meal. Serve with a quenelle of decadent chocolate ice cream for added wow-factor.

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Roquefort with aromatic apricots recipe club gascon Taste of London

Roquefort with aromatic apricots

This recipe by Pascal Aussignac of Club Gascon is an elegant, sweet and savoury combination that works brilliantly either as a delicious canapé or lighter alternative for a cheese course as dinner concludes.

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Cured red prawn curry

Prawn curry is an ubiquitous dish; whether you’re in Kerala, Ko Pha-Ngan, Kuala Lumpur or Kalimantan, there’s a fair chance that a vendor nearby is serving their trademark take on the fiery flavours. It’s a great way to introduce a meal – light but punchy, which opens up the palate for what’s to follow

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Senor Ceviche

This signature recipe by Senor Ceviche is sunshine incarnate. There are a lot of ingredients to assemble, but the results are well worth tracking them all down. Serve with jugs of their Pisco Sour cocktail.

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mussels eclade recipe club gascon taste of london

Mussels éclade

Evoke flavours of south west France with this reinterpretation of the classic Escalade dish, which cooks oysters over smoking pine needles, by Pascal Aussignac of Club Gascon.

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Cocktail recipe: PeaTini

Seedlip Drinks’ PeaTini is a cheeky riff on the class martini cocktail. Supremely fresh, with a hint of acidity, it pairs perfectly with summer barbecues for anyone who wants a refreshing break from booze.

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monkey apple mac cocktail recipe monkey shoulder taste of london

Cocktail recipe: Monkey apple mac

So simple, yet so delicious. The use of Appletizer in this long, refreshing cocktail by Monkey Shoulder makes it dangerously drinkable at any time of day!

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pineapple raki sour recipe yosma taste of london

Cocktail recipe: Pineapple raki sour

This refreshing cocktail by Hus Vedat of Yosma has sunshine written all over it. Crack it out in batches at barbecues for a real talking point; it pairs brilliantly with fresh, zingy salads.

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amalfi lemon cream recipe by sartoria taste of london

Amalfi lemon cream

This stunning summer dessert is deceptively simple to assemble. Serve with a quenelle of strawberry sorbet and scattering of freeze dried strawberries or edible flowers for added wow factor.

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strawberry vanilla oil ice cream recipe pizzaro Taste of London

Strawberries with vanilla oil and mint ice cream

The combination of subtle mint ice cream and sweet strawberries is wonderful in this summer recipe by Jose Pizarro. Try to resist polishing off the whole pot by yourself.

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barbecued ribs recipe senor ceviche taste of london

Yaki Niku ribs

Barbecues and ribs are a match made in heaven: searing a crisp, smoky exterior that yields to juicy, succulent tenderness within. Señor Ceviche’s soy and mirin glaze adds a wonderful fragrancy and deep umami richness.

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apple slaw recipe M Restaurants Taste of London

Crunchy apple slaw

This simple recipe by Mike Reid of M Restaurants pays homage to the coleslaw recipes found across the southern United States, where it’s given an extra creaminess with buttermilk and condensed milk.

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Half grilled chicken recipe m restaurants Taste of London

Half a grilled chicken

Treat chicken properly and it’s a thing of beauty. The addition of brown butter gives the dish a nuttiness rather than run-of-the-mill richness that works wonders on the brined chicken.

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bbq vegetables recipe Portland Restaurant Taste of London

BBQ summer vegetables with hay-smoked egg yolk sauce

Inspired by the classic pairing of asparagus and hollandaise, Merlin uses smoked hay butter to add terroir and accompanies with wild herbs for fresh acidity. An excellent summer side or vegetarian barbecue dish.

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Strawberry tart recipe Club Gascon Taste of London

Strawberry tart

This luscious strawberry tart recipe by Club Gascon is a match made in heaven for summer garden parties. The strawberries are marinated in rosé wine, which adds an incredible dimension to the overall flavour.

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Mini cinnamon bao donuts with chocolate dipping sauce

Perfect the classic bao bun recipe with Chef Jeremy Pang of School of Wok, filmed live at Taste of London festival.

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Salted butterscotch popcorn cheesecake

This indulgent dessert by Rosie Birkett pays homage to the delights of popcorn, providing a crunch vehicle for an evil salted butterscotch sauce. It’s essentially toffee popcorn in an easy, no-bake cheesecake, which is at its best eaten on the day its made.

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Carrot and spiced halloumi salad with carrot top pesto

This speedy recipe by Melissa Hemsley is full of flavour and colour and celebrates the whole carrot. The garlicky punchy carrot top pesto goes beautifully with some salty, sweet and spiced hot fried halloumi on top.

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Deep-fried courgette flowers with ricotta, honey and mint

Laura Jackson’s deep-fried courgette flowers were a runaway hit at Taste of London 2017, and make for a showstopping starter at summer dinner parties.

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Cocktail recipe: Pisco Sour

Harness flavours of Peru with Señor Ceviche’s signature Pisco Sour recipe. Just add sunshine.

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Seedlip drinks recipe Taste of London watermelon sour

Cocktail recipe: Watermelon Sour

Fresh, light and herbaceous, serve this delicious Seedlip cocktail recipe on balmy summer nights.

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Cocktail recipe: Show me the Monkey

Long, zesty and refreshing, this Monkey Shoulder cocktail is perfect summer barbecue material.

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Cuttlefish bolognese

Perilla’s take on Spaghetti Bolognese is inspired by a dish Head Chef Ben had when travelling in Korea. Adapted to be more European, with homegrown produce, it sums up what Perilla do in the restaurant: it’s simple, packed with flavour, and a little bit different.

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Mango flourless cake

This moreish cake by Michael Reid of M Restaurants is completely gluten and dairy free. The texture is light with a bursting mango flavour, plus it’s a quick and easy recipe that you’ll love to make at home.

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sartoria recipe Taste of London fettuccine grana padano broad beans truffle

Fettuccine with Grana Padano PDO, broad beans and black truffle

Francesco Mazzei’s recipe makes the perfect spring dish, combining Italian basics like Grana Padano PDO cheese with luxurious black truffle. Perfect served with a chilled glass of Prosecco DOC

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Smoked eel and saffron pasta

Master the art of homemade pasta with this recipe from Adam Reid of The French in collaboration with AEG’s Tasteology seris. Smoky eel, salty chicken and sumptuous saffron combine for an outstanding dish packed with flavour.

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Grey mullet and lettuce

Showcase fresh, seasonal produce in this delectable grey mullet, ‘Maccy D’ lettuce and radish recipe video by Steven Edwards of Etch Brighton

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Hake with malai sauce and samphire

Cook along with Kricket’s fresh and fragrantly spiced Hake with malai sauce recipe video

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Cocktail recipe: Mr McGregor

Inspired by traditional recipes of distilled non-alcoholic herbal remedies that are reworked with a modern twist, Seedlip are proving non-alcoholic cocktails can taste just as great as their boozy brethren.

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Cocktail recipe: Lazy Old Fashioned

This twist on a classic Old Fashioned recipe by Monkey Shoulder is perfectly designed for parties.

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Charred courgette, olive and basil

Harness the flavours of springtime with this delicious courgette, olive and basil recipe by Dean Parker of The Manor.

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Soft poached eggs with roasted chestnut mushrooms

Take your breakfast to new heights with this refined classic from Les 110 de Taillevent.

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spaghetti vongole sartoria restaurant taste of london

Spaghetti vongole with nduja and Amalfi lemon

Sartoria’s simple and delicious version of the Italian classic that’s sure to impress!

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Buffalo hotdogs

Crack out these flavour-packed hotdogs at barbecues and parties and wait for the host-of-the-summer accolades to roll in.

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Avocado on toast m restaurants taste of london

Avocado on toast

This quick-and-easy dish by Michael Reid of M Restaurants is a great vehicle to kick-start your morning and tastes divine.

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Smoked saddle of lamb with saffron sauce and masala mash

A deep-flavoured, vibrant and hearty dish perfect for the whole family

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Scallop and English asparagus with Grana Padano PDO

This delicate dish by Grana Padano PDO and Francesco Mazzei is all about texture. Rounded off by the sweetness of the scallop and the zing of the herb dressing, it pairs perfectly with Prosecco DOC.

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Ultimate hummus

Wow your guests with this ultimate crowd-pleaser by Hus Vedat of Yosma

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Smoked Salmon Hash

Make your soirée one to remember by serving up these beautiful smoked salmon hash canapés from HIX Restaurants.

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Chestnut and Porcini Risotto, Truffle Mascarpone

Oldroyd’s risotto won #BestTasteDish at Taste of London: The Festive Edition. Now you can make it for yourself!

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Grana Padano Cheese and Nutmeg Cheese Puffs

The perfect accompaniment to any festive revelry…

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Aged Grana Padano and pumpkin gnocchi with sage

Comfort food at it’s most delicious…

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Sticky Toffee Pudding

Take refuge from the cold this winter with this warm and comforting dessert courtesy of Tom’s Kitchen

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Venison casserole with cranberry sauce and mashed root vegetables

Tom’s Kitchen strikes again with this warm and comforting Venison Casserole, perfect for a cold winter’s evening.

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Tea-smoked BBQ lamb chops with spicy Korean miso

Once again Scott Hallsworth nails flavour combinations with this punchy and spicy lamb chop recipe from Kurobuta.

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Grilled saffron king prawns with crab and coconut salad

King Prawn takes centre stage in this delicious spiced salad from Café Spice.

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Shepherd’s Pie

Recreate a classic at home with Tom’s Kitchen’s delicious Shepherd’s Pie

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Cured sea bream with fennel salad, chorizo oil and mustard seeds

A fresh summer starter from the guys at Ember Yard

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Tamarind spiced chicken wings

A fragrant fusion dish from Heddon Street Kitchen

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Baked Alaska

A retro favourite revamped by Duck & Waffle

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Grilled iberico pork ribs, quince glaze and celeriac

Ben Tish’s take on the BBQ classic glazed ribs

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