The twinkle of Faber started with humble beginnings, with founders Matt and Anthony delivering shellfish, seafood and cocktails on their bikes during lockdown in east London, borrowing a pub kitchen to cook in. As the demand grew, they borrowed the pub itself, transforming it into an East End Boozer big on fish. Skip forward a few years and now they have an incredible, passionate team and the first venue fully dedicated to the very best the British shorelines and seas have to offer.

Fabe are fanatical about the ingredients on your plate. THeir menu an daily catches are ever evolving and changing according to what fishing fleets bring in via sustainable methods, dishes may cange at the drop of a hat if storms brew along coast lines, or simply stocks haven’t migrated or established at certain times of year.

What you do find on the menu is the very best of what our shores have to offer, prepared by Ollie, Matt and their team. Faber is a welcoming, comfortable and affordable experience that really showcases what we can bring from our local shores and waters.