Big Mamma is the squadra of 1000 young Italians behind Gloria, the 70’s Capri-style trattoria in Shoreditch, Circolo Popolare, a Sicilian-inspired trattoria in Fitzrovia, and Ave Mario, their largest trattoria to date. The group also runs 8 trattorias in Paris (from East Mamma to Pizzeria Popolare and Pink Mamma) including La Felicità, the 4,500 sqm food market, plus trattorias in Lyon and Lille, and their first trattoria in Madrid – Bel Mondo. In 2019 the group also launched Napoli Gang in London and Paris– a brand offering 100% homemade Italian food delivered. 

Ave Mario is 700 m2 of pure paradise, managed by their funky squadra of 120 Italians. Inspired by an idyllic day in Florence, a “Church” version 2.0, the 295 seats are spread over 3 spaces, and 2 gigantic terraces. Head Chef Andrea heads up the kitchen with a brand-spanking-new menu serving up ‘biga’ pizzas, giant carbonara ravioli and  La Gran Scaloppina alla Millanese made with high-welfare rose veal. Not forgetting dolci, where a feat of gelato engineering has created our 60cm tall Gelato Tower. The perfect spot for a date with your lover, a lunch with your BFF or a family meal just as you like it.

Circolo is Big Mamma Group’s sunny Sicilian trattoria in the heart of London’s lively Fitzrovia district. It’s run by a group of pals, 130 completely crazy Italians. And this neighborhood already feels like home. Chef Francesco has created a crazy menu from incredible Italian products. It offers, among other things, Carbonara served in a pecorino wheel, Napolitan pizzas with Italian ingredients like San Marzano tomatoes and fresh mozzarella – and to top it off, a scandalous desserts featuring caramelised, chocolate covered profiterole and famous zingy lemon pie, size XXL.

Gloria is a 70’s Capri-style & all-day long Trattoria in the middle of Shoreditch run by a crazy bunch of 85 young and passionate people from the Bel Paese and the sunny coast of Naples. Rock up to experience an explosive menu mixing old Italian classics, with amazing products direct from 180 small producers in Italy – plus a few fun twists from Chef Andrea. From the oozing pesto heart burrata, to the Osso Buco Ravioli, to the Neapolitan Pizza heated in the gigantic Marana oven and even the Italian gelato made with love, Bronte pistacchio or in the iconic Drew Berrymore Sundae. Everything Gloria does is 100% fresh and homemade.

Jacuzzi is a brand new Villa of Worldly Pleasures: introducing their first palazzo to pleasure, a bedecked and bountiful 4 floors spread across 4,000 sq ft and 170 seats, crammed with Italian treasures from Roman statues to Murano glass.

For this crazy trattoria, the first in West London, Jacuzzi have found some sublime lesser-known ingredients from across the boot. From the mountains of the cusp of Apennines and overlooking the valley to Parma, is the finest Culatello di Zibello PDO painstakingly cured by Mattia Zambroni; from the coast off Sicily, sweet Mediterranean ‘Gambero Rosso’ red prawns; and black diamonds, Italian white sturgeon Transmontanus caviar from Veneto. Neapolitan maestro Chef Manuel has gone even further than ever with secondi, a menu rolling out Lobster Risotto ai Fruitti di Mare, delicately breaded giant La Gran Cotoletta Alla Milanese, designed to share, alongside a next-level Basque grill section with the finest of steaks. Let’s forget everything else, the backbone is the produce.

Experience the highlights from all four trattorias at Taste: living the ultimate dream.

Gloria, Ave Mario, Circolo Popolare, Jacuzzi & Carlotta