Founded in 2017 Acai Berry Foods was created with the belief that everybody should be able to eat, enjoy, and benefit from this incredible superfood berry exactly as if they were in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. Acai Berry deliver the freshest and more concentrated Acai product on the market, available to buy as a ready-made bowl from their nine cafes around London or delivered straight to your door to create your own bowls at home.

As the #1 ‘Acai Hotspot’ in London, it’s no surprise that Acai Berry’s cafés often have a queue of customers around the building waiting in excitement to get their daily Acai. From delicious freshly made bowls loaded with healthy toppings to energising smoothies, their nutritious Acai Berry products have fast become a crowd favourite. By popular demand, Acai are now appearing at Taste so you can transport yourself to the Amazon Rainforest in the middle of Regent’s Park.

Acai Berry