November 11, 2021

Taste & Diners Club have been working together to develop a number of sustainable initiatives on site at Taste of London Festive Edition.

Thanks to Diners Club, and their Dine For Change Initiative, Taste can now proudly confirm that all VIP lanyards will be made from rPET, a recycled plastic dyed with water based inks that emits 79% fewer carbon dioxide emissions when produced.

Diners Club water stations will be also be available throughout the festival, attendees are encouraged to bring refillable bottles to reduce the use of single use plastic on site. To continue this further, Diners Club will be providing reusable water bottles to all attendees of VIP masterclasses in the Diners Club VIP lounge, which can then be used throughout the festival at multiple water stations.

Additionally, Diners Club are also funding compostable greaseproof paper which aims to further protect recyclable plates and bowls from being contaminated by food waste.

With all these good efforts taking place to make Taste more sustainable, please work together with us when at the festival to recycle any dry plates,  bowls or cups that have not been used or contaminated by food or drink. There will be recycling bins around the festival – so please use them when you can.