April 13, 2021

We caught up with Adrian Martin, chef at Wildflower…check out what he told us!

What is you favourite dish on your own menu and why?
Has to be the Prawn in Kitafi pastry. It’s just pure simplicity. We use langostines, so the prawns are extremely sweet, wrapped in what looks like shredded wheat that’s fried and crisp. The lemon mayo is the perfect dip with this.

What is your desert island dish?
Has to be Lobster. It’s just one of the most delicious things.

What is your favourite seasonal dish?
We have a dish that uses the lumper potato from the famine served with a wood sorrel volute. The citrus from the sorrel is delicious served with the pomme puree and crisp of the potato. Sorrel can be a pungent seasonal ingredient. The lumper can only be got from March to June as very few places grown them.

What drink would you pair with it?
Normally a quite citrus white wine as it can really complement the sorrel. Although it needs to be refreshing and quite like a palate cleanser.

What is your favourite restaurant in London and why?
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. Still my favourite and all time best meal to this date. Gordon is an inspiration to us all. Just the detail that goes into your meal here is so special.

What is your favourite London pub and why?
I’ve been to very few London pubs being from Ireland. For a night out, I’ve been to the Swan. Which was completely nuts. Any recommendations for best food pubs, message me online and I’ll try them.

Who is your most hotly tipped young chef?
It’s very hard to just pick out one. There’s a lot of young chefs doing amazing things at the moment. With the massive shortage of chefs, I think its important to celebrate and appreciate them all. It’s a tough career but one of the most rewarding for us creative types.

What is your favourite thing about Taste?
Just how relaxed and fun the atmosphere is. Everyone is there to enjoy it, and of course celebrate some of the best food London has to offer.