Our Fire Pit is the flame-fuelled centrepiece of Taste of london, a roaring riot of theatrics and feasting. Rock up throughout the festival to catch some of the city’s coolest chefs take the reigns, showcasing their signature dishes roasted over the embers.

This year, we’re taking it supersonic, now with a fully fledged restaurant get-up giving you even more opportunities to sample the spoils of the chef’s creations. After each demonstration, you’ll be able to tuck into a limited number of dishes created by the chefs (because if you didn’t eat it, did it even happen?).

Stay tuned for more line-up announcements dropping soon, they’re going to be fire.

Our Fire Pit Line-up so far:

  • FoodSlut’s Jack Whitehall and Marcus
  • Ollie Templeton of Carousel
  • Tom Hunt
  • Roberta Hall of Little Chartroom
  • Adam Purnell, “Shropshire Lad”
  • Hot4U
  • Ivan Tisdall Dowes of Native
  • Original Flava
  • Sabrina Gidda of The Allbright Mayfair
  • William Chilila of Stork
  • Elizabeth Haigh of Mei Mei

Big thanks to T&G Meats for supplying us with delicious meats ready to BBQ.