Fruity. Fiery. Sweet. Mellow. Sound like we’re describing you? Always. But we’re actually describing Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Flavours.

Taste the unexpected with the coolest cocktails TikTok has ever seen, that’ll have you wanting to Instagram them *before* you’ve even taken your first sip. Keep the party alive as your taste buds are tantalised and you get the fomo flowing. What you can expect is colours, fanfare and a whole lotta Willy Wonka fun to uplift your day (and night). See ya there, it’s time to keep the party alive.

Plus, drop by the Jack Daniel’s Cocktail Bar & Lounge to get your hands on our exclusive 20th anniversary cocktail, dreamt up in collaboration with their team: the Jack Daniel’s Honey Queen Bee. It’s our current drink obsession.