Afghan Caravan is more than a street food business, it’s a platform for sharing culture, promoting community, and fostering togetherness. Founded by Neelofar Abrahimi and brought to life by head chef Zulfia Abrahimi, both refugees of war, the mother-daughter duo share the rich cultural heritage of Afghanistan by promoting its culinary traditions. Today, Afghan Caravan represents how people can build bonds, explore cultures and connect in a universally meaningful way.

Afghan Caravan offers an immersive culinary experience, bringing the vibrant flavours of the Silk Road to life with authentic Afghan street food. Guests can savour a rich tapestry of aromatic dishes inspired by Afghanistan’s diverse culinary heritage, all in one place! These flavours reflect the country’s historic role as a key thoroughfare on the Silk Road, blending influences from East Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent. Beyond the delicious food, Afghan Caravan provides a cultural feast through the presentation and storytelling that accompany each dish, offering a holistic and enriching glimpse into Afghan traditions and history.

Afghan Caravan