Afghan Caravan is more than a street food business. It is a platform for sharing culture,
promoting community, and fostering togetherness. As a female led family venture, Afghan
Caravan was founded by Neelofar Abrahimi, and brought to life by her mother Zulfia
Abrahimi, who is the head chef of Afghan Caravan. Together, the mother-daughter duo set
out to share the rich cultural heritage of Afghanistan by promoting the culinary traditions from the nations multi-ethnic regions.

Coming from a culture where it is customary to share meals together as a family, and with neighbours, Zulfia and Neelofar wanted to take this element to the wider community. Being first generation refugees and displaced as a result of war, it became even more important to them that they stay connected to their heritage and share the core element of togetherness with others. Having lived in different refugee camps for 5 years, Zulfia and other refugee families would make hot food with what they had available, and together, they would share a meal, savouring in a momentary, yet powerful, feeling of home and togetherness. To Zulfia and Neelofar, Afghan Caravan represents the way in which people can build bonds, explore cultures, and connect with one another in a universally meaningful way.