Ever fantasised about eating your way through everything you could dream of at Taste of London? Here’s your chance to live that delicious reality.

To celebrate the launch of our new brand and Taste Manifeasto, we’re giving away two blow out feasts at Taste of London. That’s 10 restaurant dishes to gorge on, whilst kicking back in the Diners Club VIP Lounge sipping on champagne. The only challenge is choosing the dishes.

To take part, we’d love to hear your own food manifesto point for 2021. Will you be embracing new flavours and finally give oysters another shot after the Great Tabasco Heave of 2016? Venture into new neighbourhoods with your mind open and your menu selections brazen? Or vow to never go without dessert again (amen to that)? No matter how large or small the goal, we want to hear it! Terms and conditions can be found here.

Team Taste x