June 14, 2022

Join us for a quick game of Taste Bingo whilst at Regent’s Park this summer. Tick off your sightings as you roam and let us know how you do over on Instagram – the winner gets loads of kudos from us.

Bingo cards at the ready folks!

  • Googling flights to get yourself to Turikye after seeing the GoTürkiye stand
  • Catching a glimpse of one of our Taste Legends
  • Your friend lording it over everyone else yelling ‘hole in one!’ at Taste Tee crazy golf, while the rest of you missed every shot because you were too invested in the snacks
  • Someone laying on the ground by the giant Taste fork pretending to be skewered
  • This summer’s ‘IT’ dress from Zara
  • Questionable pepped up dance moves fuelled by the generous team at De’Longhi
  • A full on photo shoot in the House of Taste Playroom powered by TikTok (bonus points if it involves a ring light) 
  • DJ BBQ leading The Fire Pit crew in a dance on the table
  • The sudden inability to make a decision rippling through the festival (Too. Many. Dishes. Want. Them. All.)
  • Committed sun worshippers stripping off in the 31 degree heat (keep the shirts on please folks, no one needs to see that)
  • Joseph Cumberbatch attempting an even larger first mouthful in one go at The Fire Pit (see pictorial evidence)
  • Michelin-hungry selfie mobs sweet talking chefs into snaps at the Diners Club Cook School
  • A giddy attendee attempting to access the Secret Garden via a Regent’s Park hedge…
  • A rush on all frozen items being consumed (not before getting coordinating nail polish pics for the Gram – head to Miami Cocktail Co for your mani if you’re currently unprepared)
  • The sad sight of someone dropping a whole plate of food
  • Whispers of everyone flexing their new-found chef skills
  • Instagram Stories in their thousands of people trying their best to look composed while balancing taking a selfie and eating their dish
  • Everyone getting their Insta post primed and ready down at the Taste letters
  • That moment when, as the sun sets, you stumble across the crowds of people uniting in front of any and all live music to belt out the classics together
  • Some seriously competitive behaviour about garden games in the Diners Club VIP Lounge. No elbows allowed people