July 08, 2021

Join us in a spot of Taste Bingo whilst at the festival this summer. Tick off your sightings as you roam around the festival and let us know how you do on social – the winner gets all the respect and many, many high fives.

Bingo cards at the ready folks!

  • DJ BBQ leaping in his ruffles in front of the flames
  • People getting low at the Two Keys Party Terrace
  • Jack Whitehall causing drink spluttering lolz at The Fire Pit
  • A local legend going to town on two desserts. Yo go Glen Coco!
  • Impassioned It’s Coming Home renditions in the sunshine whilst pre-game gaming ahead of Sunday’s match
  • Gangs getting all the feels as the sun sets over the lush foliage of the Patron Paloma Bar
  • 8,143 cheersing boomerangs flooding Instagram (guilty as charged)
  • Going all in on the cheese at the Aspall Picnic Meadow
  • Masterchef contestant posses on the prowl for dishes
  • Enthusiastic but unintelligible singalongs as 9.30pm rolls on in
  • Precarious hammock selfies at the Daily Special presented by Just Eat
  • Picnic tables loaded with more dishes than humans in a 3 mile radius
  • A lot of very serious coordinated TASTE letters posing
  • Too many dishes-induced decision dilemmas gripping the festival site
  • Francesco Mazzei making it rain truffles