April 13, 2021

At Taste of London we are serious about limiting our environmental impact and ensuring it can be mitigated by reducing waste volumes, increasing recycling rates and improving our resource management.

We go to great lengths to ensure that we put out as many bins as possible in order to collect all waste generated by the event.

What is often not seen is what happens with this waste once the bins are collected. We work very closely with our cleansing teams and waste disposal contractors to segregate waste into glass, cardboard, cans, plastic bottles, paper and cooking oil which where possible it is all sent for recycling.

Work also goes on behind the scenes at Taste, all our general waste is tipped at a waste transfer station and is screened before being processed, so anything that can be recycled is separated and recycled if possible. What can’t be reused or recycled is then sent for recovery at an R1 rated Energy for Waste facility. If in doubt, put all bottles and cans in recycling bins and everything else into the general waste bins.