April 15, 2021

We caught up with Karan Gokani, Hoppers Director…check out what he told us!

What is your favourite dish on your own menu and why?
Our Goat Shoulder Roti, as it’s a dish we have worked on for years now and feel it’s the perfect festival dish that represents all our favourites at the restaurants. It’s not available at the restaurant and can only be found at festivals.

What is your desert island dish?
A comforting bowl of fish curry and rice.

What is your favourite seasonal dish?
Durian – it’s a fruit that’s very common in Sri Lanka and South East Asia.

What drink would you pair with it?
Technically they say you’re not meant to drink alcohol with it as it’s too “heaty”.

What is your favourite restaurant in London and why?
I had the best meal I can remember at Mark Jarvis’ Anglo a few months ago. But picking a favourite in a city as diverse as London is too difficult!

What is your favourite dish in London and why?
Recently, James Lowe’s brown butter cakes. But I might say something else if you asked me the same question tomorrow. There’s so much out there!

Who is your most hotly tipped young chef?
Ben Murphy is quite the rockstar and doing some amazing stuff. I also can’t wait to see what John Chantarasak comes up with next, but he’s not that young (sorry John! :))

What is your favourite thing about Taste?
It just feels like one long party with so many friends and colleagues you intend to see all year but never get a chance to see because everyone is busy at their own restaurants. Everyone is also riding on a constant adrenaline high for the entire week so the days that follow have an odd sense of emptiness about them!