April 15, 2021

We caught up with Chase Lovecky, head chef of Two Lights…check out what he told us!

What is your favourite dish on your own menu and why?
Oven Roasted Artichoke with Sunflower Seed Miso. Every week as a kid I would have artichokes and aioli for dinner. This has become my version of the classic preparation. We poach the artichoke in a flavourful bouillon then scorch it in the oven to give a wonderful roasted flavour. We make a mayonnaise from a miso made of sunflower seeds and rapeseed oil. It surprises me every time I have it.

What is your desert island dish?
Maine Lobster Roll, hands down.

What is your favourite seasonal dish?
Right now I really love this Pork with tomatoes. We let the tomatoes become full ripe before using them. The light smoke enhances their sweetness and flavour. It’s like a BLT without the bread.

What drink would you pair with it?
A nice rich Chardonnay would be amazing with this!

What is your favourite restaurant in London and why?
Definitely Lyle’s. James Lowe has been around long enough to know what’s great and in season every year. He treats it with the respect and lets the ingredients speak for themselves.

What is your favourite London pub and why?
Marksman on Hackney Road. Jon and Tom have an amazing pub that brings new and old together like they were meant to be. The Guinness is always good there too.

What is your favourite thing about Taste?
It’s great to see London host the best of what it has to offer each year. Also to see select chefs from around the globe come and show Londoners what else is out there.