November 16, 2021

Taste = food. Right? This guide agrees. 

1. Fire Pit – with Tiny Rebel – chef demonstrations

Start the day at the The Fire Pit, in association with Tiny Rebel – the flame-fuelled centrepiece of Taste of London, a roaring riot of theatrics and feasting. Rock up throughout the festival to catch some of the city’s coolest chefs take the reigns, showcasing their signature dishes roasted over the embers.

2.  Learn about Asado cooking from the experts

Visit Country Fire Kitchen and learn more about Asado cooking techniques and try some BBQ dishes. 

3.   Head to Anju for some awesome Korean BBQ

Returning to Taste of London, Anju will be providing Korean BBQ street food, with tonnes of flavour.

Anju’s menu will have something for everyone, including all of the Squid Games fans – as the team will be serving Dalgona, just like in the Netflix hit show.

4. Try a hype dish: Prawn in Toast, or Lamb Shoulder Roti

Believe the hype and get involved with some delicious dishes that are famous for a reason. First on our list is the prawn ‘in’ toast by Mr Ji, closely followed by award-winning braised lamb shoulder roti from Hoppers. 

5. Finish the day with some amazing Jerk Chicken

Juici Jerk will be at Taste and their menu looks so good we want it all. Think Mac n Cheese Croquettes with parmesan cheese or Jerk Chicken Tacos with guacamole, sour cream and pineapple and scotch bonnet salsa. The perfect way to end the delicious day.