July 06, 2021

Centre of the conversation, holder of all next level after-party knowledge, social butterfly extraordinaire, this mini adventure guide goes out to all of you…

1. Tuck into technicolour treats by Flower Burger

Kick off the shenanigans in bright and beautiful form, with a stop at Flower Burger for burgers that literally imbue sunshine. Opt for a slider of all four for maximum impact (and deliciousness).

2. Shake things up a level at the De’Longhi Coffee Bar

Time to get this show on the road. After sipping your way through samples of De’Longhi’s favourite bean producers, throw out your best shake action concocting coffee-infused cocktails under the expert eyes of The Cocktail Guys.

3. Sample never-tasted before dishes at Manthan

Taste isn’t just the ultimate place to sample the best dishes in London, it’s also where you get to devour exclusive dishes yet to be launched before anyone else. And this summer, you get to be first in line at Manthan, the newly announced restaurant by Rohit Ghai that’s set to open later this year. Dive straight into the lamb tawa pulao before it flies of the shelves.

4. Go big at the Chop It Like It’s Hot: Taste Kitchen with Big Zuu

No-one does delicious vibes quite like Big Zuu. Make a beeline for his star turn at the Chop It Like IT’s Hot: Taste Kitchen to guarantee the best belly laughs paired with banging food and a few insightful cooking tips too.

5. Adventure into the new age at John Paul Jones Rum

John Paul Jones Rum are a juxtaposition, pioneering adventurous flavour combinations whilst drawing on inspiration from the tales of the past. Swing by their feature at the festival to sample your way through their new age spirits and conjure up a story of your own.

6. Live it large at the Two Keys Party Terrace

Taste wouldn’t be Taste without a glimpse of some extravagant dance moves in front of the DJs as the sun sets over the city. Wind up at the Two Keys Party Terrace to get low to the sound of DJ Fat Tony on the decks both Friday evenings this festival.