April 14, 2021

Level-up your food photography guide with this handy guide to nailing the perfect shot. Courtesy of Instagram supremo Clerkenwell Boy…


Ask to sit at a table by a window whenever possible, as pictures taken in natural daylight work best. Avoid direct sunlight or artificial light, as the contrast can be too sharp. And never, ever use a flash!


Find a style that suits you, such as ‘top-down’ food shots or super close up at an angle. Go for something centred and symmetrical for a classic shot, or cropped and off-centre to add quirkiness and interest.


Don’t overuse in-built filters, try to keep your shots as natural as possible. However, if editing, try to do it manually by playing around with the brightness, structure and sharpness tools. Sometimes it helps to blur the background if you want a sharper central focal point.

Find your niche

Post what you love and what you’re passionate about, whether it be burgers, desserts or home cooking. Share recipes or helpful tips and stories to your posts.


Add relevant hashtags so your photos come up in related searches, and geotags so that people can easily find the location of where you’re dining.