Mursal Saiq

Mursal is the Director of Cue Point and founder of Cue Point Kitchen, which is a corporate social responsibility raising the generational wealth of racialised people in the UK hospitality sector.

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April Jackson

April Jackson is the owner of Wood & Water, a modern British restaurant in Brixton with a Jamaican soul.

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Adriana Cavita

Raised in Mexico between the capital and the village of San Felipe Ixtacuixtla, Adriana was immersed in the county’s extraordinary food culture from an early age (her abuela was a street trader selling antojitos like huaraches, tacos and tamales). Adriana opened her first restaurant, Cavita, last year, serving traditional Mexican food.

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Lorraine Copes

Lorraine is the founder of Be Inclusive Hospitality, as well as being a coach, a consultant and a speaker.

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