Try these festive creations on Taste restaurant menus…

Everybody knows calories don’t count at Christmas…so to help you make the most of unapologetic indulgence, we’ve rounded up some of the more wacky and wonderful creations that’ve made their way onto Taste restaurant menus…try them while you still can!

1. Cinnamon Bazaar’s garam masala mince pie naan bread with brûléed cinnamon ice-cream.

2. Berber & Q’s signature cauliflower shawarma with a festive romanesco twist.

3. Club Mexicana’s vegan crispy skin-on ‘turkey’ dinner with all the trimmings….made with seitan, yuba bean curd, sweet potato, cumin puree and other seasonal garnishes.


4. Bubbledogs’ Santa’s Sausage – a turkey hotdog, topped with Christmas stuffing, cranberry chutney, crispy Brussels sprouts, parsnip chips and a pour of homemade gravy.

5. Pleesecakes’ Mince Pie Cheesecakes – a mince pie base and vanilla mincemeat cheesecake filling topped with homemade caramel sauce and a mini mince pie. Exclusive to Selfridges food hall.

6. Barbecoa’s ‘snowy’ take on their infamous Snickersphere, featuring a solid white chocolate shell, filled with salted caramel, chocolate, peanut parfait, popping candy, feuilletine biscuit and surrounded with peanut dust.

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