Nurtured by the deep-rooted history and fertile soil of Anatolia, Turkish cuisine reflects a traditional culinary heritage. Turkish traditions of taste are full of surprises that are sure to appeal to foodies across the world. Many Turkish dishes are prepared with recipes utilising every element of products, contributing to a waste-free culinary approach. Most meals on Turkish menus are incredibly healthy and colourful as they are mostly cooked with seasonal vegetables and top-quality olive oil, all brought straight from the farm to the table.

Over at the Türkiye stand you can enjoy the special delicacies of Turkish cuisine. Legendary Turkish coffee. Delectable Turkish delights. You read that right. Doesn’t it sound delicious?

You can also take part in masterclasses where Turkish chefs will create modern interpretations of popular Turkish dishes and will be ready to showcase all Turkiye has to offer. Finish your blissful escape to Türkiye with a trip to their grocery stand where you can shop for fresh produce and enjoy the colourful fruit and veg of Türkiye.