If only you could get irl, in the moment cooking advice, we hear you whisper from behind a quizzical saucepan. If only you could ask your culinary hero exactly how much salt they include in a pinch, how to properly quenelle a mousse or coddle an egg (we learned to appreciate the vast difference between the letters U and O the hard way on that one). 

Jazz up your culinary skills and take part in live discussions with British-Iranian chef and food writer Sabrina Ghayour and Chantelle Nicholson, head chef of newly opened Mayfair restaurant Apricity, the first-ever chef to receive the new Michelin Green Star.

Imagine receiving actual feedback from a superstar chef on the state of your hollandaise, the heights of your souffle skills or your prowess with a spatula. Learn insider secrets to how they perfect their most iconic dishes. Quiz them on their inspiration and their plans for the future. 

Enter the Diners Club Cook School, your chance to get a cooking lesson from your favourite chefs. Each session has just 40 spaces, so you can guarantee you get plenty of facetime, as you’re given personal tips and tricks for perfecting your dish. At the end of the lesson, it’s time to sit back and admire your handy work, before tucking into your creation.

What’s more, this is a Cook School with a difference. Get ready to finish your lesson not just inspired by your chef heroes, but also brimming with ideas for how to create delicious dishes that are more sustainable. From reducing food waste to fermenting ingredients or celebrating whole vegetable cookery, as part of their Dine For Change initiative, the Diners Club Cook School is the perfect place to nail those #chefgoals whilst helping you do your bit for the planet and the future.

It’s the stuff your cooking dreams are made of.

Places at our Diners Club Cook School are free on a first come, first served basis but they fill up super quick. We’re talking sprint from the opening gates fast. Start limbering up now

The 2022 Diners Club Cook School line-up includes:

  • Jason Atherton – Wednesday 15 June
  • Sabrina Ghayour – Thursday 16 June
  • Neil Rankin x Simplicity – Thursday 16 June
  • Chantelle Nicholson – Friday 17 June
  • Bettina Campolucci – Saturday 18 June
  • Arthur Potts-Dawson and Lorna Maseko -Saturday 18 June
  • Ollie Dabbous – Sunday 19 June