*NEW* The Cider Trail

Serious about cider? Don't miss our cider trail...

In an introductory experience led by Ciderologist Gabe Cook, you'll get to glug the full gamut...from upmarket and elegant, to rough and ready!

Gabe Cook is The Ciderologist, an award-winning, global cider expert attempting to change the way the world thinks and drinks cider. As well as chairing a number of cider competitions, Gabe is C4 Sunday Brunch's resident cider expert, a cider writer, educator, industry consultant and the de facto “go to” independent voice on all matters cider. He has even presented a bottle of cider to The Queen!

Gabe will be hosting talks and tasting sessions and will be on hand to sign copies of his book, Ciderology.

Gabe Cook

Get ready to learn about the cider-making process, regions and fruit varieties before exploring the effects of tannins, acidity and blending. 

Our growing line-up of brands includes: 

- Sxollie Cider

Cornish Orchards

Cranes Cider

Pilango Cider

- The Ciderologist

More to be announced soon!

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