If only you could get irl, in the moment cooking advice, we hear you whisper from behind a quizzical saucepan. If only you could ask your culinary hero exactly how much salt they include in a pinch, how to properly quenelle a mousse or coddle an egg (we learned to appreciate the vast difference between the letters U and O the hard way on that one). 

Imagine receiving actual feedback from a superstar chef on the state of your hollandaise, the heights of your souffle skills or your prowess with a spatula. Learn insider secrets to how they perfect their most iconic dishes. Quiz them on their inspiration and their plans for the future. 

Enter the Chop It Like It’s Hot: Taste Kitchen, your chance to get a cooking lesson from your favourite chefs. Each session has just 30 spaces, so you can guarantee you get plenty of facetime, as you’re given personal tips and tricks for perfecting your dish. At the end of the lesson, it’s time to sit back and admire your handy work, before tucking into your creation.

It’s the stuff your cooking dreams are made of.

Places at our Taste Kitchen are free on a first come, first served basis but they fill up super quick. We’re talking sprint from the opening gates fast. Get on it!

Our Chop It Like It’s Hot: Taste Kitchen Line-up so far:

  • Gizzi Erskine and Professor Green of Giz n Green
  • Asma Khan of Darjeeling Express
  • Nokx Majozi of the Holborn Dining Room’s Pie Room
  • Ravinder Bhogal of Jikoni
  • Max La Manna
  • Rachel Ama
  • Thomas Straker
  • Joseph Cumberbatch

Big thanks to T&G Meats for supplying the meat for the Chop It Like It’s Hot: Taste Kitchen dishes.