This year, in partnership with Be Inclusive Hospitality, we are travelling to West Africa and then heading over to the Caribbean with The Spotlight restaurant stand.

This Just Eat Daily Special restaurant will be switching daily to tantalise your taste buds. The line-up will feature dishes from different cuisines brought to you by some exciting restaurants in London including Chishuru, Rhythm Kitchen, Tatale and Wood & Water. 

The Spotlight was born from our desire to expand Taste’s cuisine diversity and partnering with Be Inclusive Hospitality felt like the natural way to do this. Be Inclusive Hospitality are a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to accelerate race equity within hospitality, food and drink.

Founded by Akwasi Brenya-Mensa, Tatale is a restaurant and bar concept born in Ghana and developed in London. Its namesake is a plantain pancake — a quintessential Ghanaian dish.

They believe that wherever you are in the world, Plantain is synonymous with the Black Experience. This idea of universality and heritage became the backbone of Akwasi’s concept, and so following a 2019 family trip to Ghana, Tatale was born.

The old Chop Bars are a defining feature of the West African culinary landscape. These bustling roadside joints open their doors to all: well-heeled businessmen, tired trotro drivers, and young lovers alike. Patrons of any class, culture, and religion come together to share a cooling malt drink, or a restorative stew.

Tatale embodies the very same spirit of the cherished Chop Bar. Looking beyond borders and nation-states, their selection of Pan-African dishes will ignite conversation, foster new friendships, and form part of a wider narrative of cultural exchange in London.