Located in the heart of Chelsea, opposite the iconic Cadogan Hall, Kahani combines luxe, seductively lit interiors with a high-class, yet inclusive dining experience. The finest seasonal and traditional British ingredients are brought to life with heady spices and culinary techniques associated with Indian cooking. The result is the very best in Indian food, with meals so delicious diners will want to share – creating a sense of communal eating which for centuries has been the hallmark of superior cuisine.

Having grown up in Chennai, India, Chef Peter Joseph was heavily influenced by his surroundings. He would often join his mother in the kitchen, watching her cook, and absorbing all of her traditional cooking tips and tricks. He also had the opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of local markets – with their heady mix of spices, vibrant colours and fresh ingredients. As such, many of his recipes have roots in the food he saw being prepared when he was growing up.

Coupled with his experience in British kitchens, it was only natural that he would combine the two for a traditional take on Indian cooking – but with his signature modern twist. The food he prepares at Kahani is made using the very best ingredients, packed with flavour and so tasty, you can’t help but want to share.

Using traditional Indian cooking methods for his dishes, people visit from far and wide to sample his signature blend of spices and flavour pairings. With Kahani, he is seeking to make Indian fine dining more communal, more informal, offering diners the very best quality and a wide range of palate-pleasing flavours whilst remaining true to his heritage.