Juici Jerk was founded in 2017 by two brothers who combined their British and West-Indian heritage with their love for food and cooking, to pioneer a new age taste of the Caribbean. From its restaurant-style DIY meal kits, delicious homemade Caribbean takeaway menu, and range of authentic and high-quality sauces, Juici Jerk has reimagined Caribbean cuisine whilst paying homage to its cultural roots.

From humble beginnings, born and raised in Tooting, South London – brothers Troy and Jarrell Johnson took traditional Caribbean recipes from their family home and added a fresh and modern take, inspired by their own British background to create a new age of Caribbean cuisine. Juici Jerk represents the founders’ British-Caribbean culinary heritage.

Around the time of its inception, Juici Jerk was one of the first home cooking businesses in London, a trend which is plentiful now. With big passion but little money or experience in starting a business, Troy and Jarrell launched Juici Jerk in 2017 as a small family business using just £500 from their savings.

The menu features staple Caribbean dishes with a modern and contemporary twist such as Curried Mutton, Jerk Chicken, Rice and Peas and Mac and Cheese. However, the team realised with their street food residencies that people love new flavours incorporated into dishes they are familiar with, so they also serve fusion dishes such as Loaded Fries, Rum and honey king prawns and a very tasty Jerk Chicken Bagel. Fast forward to 2021, Juici Jerk aims to offer a contemporary Caribbean dining experience with an urban twist. The duo’s dream is to open multiple outlets across London in street food markets and eventually a sit down casual restaurant.