Island Poké

​​​​​​​Poké (Po-Keh)  /poʊˈkeɪ/ verb– Hawaiian to ‘slice’ or ‘dice...

Poké is a classic Hawaiian dish of cubed, marinated fish. Traditionally the local fisherman would haul in their catch, dice it up, season it and eat on the spot. The ‘Poké Bowl’ is a modern approach to this concept and normally includes a base of rice or slaw topped with seaweeds, fruit salsas, pickles and garnishes.

Island Poké is committed to bringing you those authentic flavours, fresh from the shores of Hawaii to the streets of London.

Growing up in California with frequent trips to Hawaii, James’s inspiration for Island Poké stems from his childhood summers spent in the islands. James founded Island Poké in 2015, where he traded on London’s buzzing street food circuit. Born from a frustration with the monopoly of London’s office lunch trade, Island Poké brings us a more fun, vibrant, interactive, healthy and flavoursome offering.