The Felix Project fights hunger and food waste in London by rescuing surplus food and delivering it to people in need. Exclusively for Taste London, the charity has teamed up with Dinner Ladies – a catering and events company dedicated to creating impressive and vibrant food that champions British ingredients, founded by friends Lily Cai and Emily Plunket.

Lily Cai and Emily Plunket spent time living together in China where they shared a passion for food and travel. Savouring tastes from a host of different regions and countries, their goal is to champion British ingredients and use them to create seasonal dishes with personality and fun. Together, they will create a fabulous seasonal menu which proves you can minimise food waste AND create something delicious.

The dishes on the menu are also a perfect representation of the high-quality food that Felix delivers every day to charities and schools, so people in real need can eat healthy and enjoyable meals. All proceeds from the restaurant will go to The Felix Project so they can deliver meals to vulnerable families, children and communities across London.