There are two great questions that have long puzzled mankind when it comes to the humble egg. The first is undoubtedly the dilemma of “what came first?”. The chicken or the egg? The second, lesser-known debate centres around whether an EggRun is an egg sandwich or an egg burger?

It’s a point of agreed difference by co-founders Laurent Manuel and Asher Grant. Growing up in New York, Laurent spent his childhood enjoying the city’s world-famous egg sandwiches. Asher, on the other side, has always resided in London and searched for years trying to find a healthy alternative to the glorious British Burger.

It was in their joint love for eggs that the pair of young entrepreneurs came up with EggRun, London’s newest grab-n-go dining concept. Egg (sandwiches) on the run: EggRun!

Asher and Laurent have also teamed up with young phenomenon, John Skotidas, the executive chef of Mazi. His exciting creative flare and his combinations of flavors have led to some of the most exciting ways to enjoy eggs to date.

All three look forward to rolling out EggRun across London and internationally in the years to come.