Bun House

Bun House is a café concept focusing on traditional closed-up Cantonese steamed buns...

The menu includes the popular char siu pork belly “Pig Bun,” cumin-spiced lamb, and the sweet, custard bun for which Bun House is renowned, alongside new additions such as a beef brisket and a sweet, brioche-style pineapple bun.

Our new site in Chinatown will also pay homage to Hong Kong’s dai pai dong food stalls, with a small hatch inside the restaurant serving traditional street food style snacks including fish balls and rice noodle rolls, cheung fun. Our open kitchen and service area has the dual purpose of food preparation and ambience.

Customers see the bun baskets piled high as steam gently warms the air. Cooks move through the space carrying buns, calling orders, and contributing to the pleasant din of a busy café. We believe quality quick-service food is the ideal product to match the bustling pace of London.

By merging traditional recipes and styles with modern design, we create an experience that is both authentic and original. Interior With inspirations taken from the 1960’s Hong Kong tea houses, the design for Bun House and Tea Room infuses British colonial elements with traditional Chinese essence.

As a trade hub at the time, 60’s Hong Kong possessed lush international charm. In order to achieve the sense of a cultural melting pot, we have sourced from different parts of the world; from imported hand-glazed Chinese garden stools (custom made from my hometown in China) and hand cut Moroccan floor tiles, rattan furniture from Denmark, to locally bespoke British craft wall tiles and dark wood carpentry work with Chinese inspired ornate details, all resting harmoniously on a mingle of emerald green and a cloud of steam.