Brigadiers is inspired by the army mess bars of India, where military regiments go to eat, drink and socialise...

Encouraging socialising and camaraderie, live sport is shown on demand in selected rooms, whilst pool and classic card games is offered for those who wish to play while they eat and drink. 

The food offering focuses on different methods of Indian barbecue, utilising tandoors, charcoal grills, rotisseries, wood ovens and classic Indian smokers. The drinks  offering marries together the food and social spirit of the restaurant with beer, whisky, cocktails on tap and large serves. Designed by Brady Williams Studio, Brigadiers references Indian art deco design, conveying the opulence and familiarity reflective of quintessential Indian Club Culture. Brigadiers features a collection of rooms, each with it’s own identity, experience and atmosphere – all perfect for relaxed, informal and playful socialising.

With a weekly events programme featuring live sport, screenings and Q&A’s from the arts, culture, business, food and drinks world, Brigadiers is a creative and diverse hub in which to eat, drink, play and explore.