BaoziInn hails from China, with the influences of northern Sichuan and southern China.

Authentic Sichuanese food has long been swerved by many people due to the nature of its spicy, numbing, chilli, authentic flavour, so the team at BaoziInn decided to fuse it with street food. Their aim is to bring street food from different parts of China and all over Asia to suit the needs and flavour of Chinese palettes and the wider world.

“Bao” means Chinese steamed bread roll with a filling of meat or vegetables and “Inn” means “lodging and food for travellers”, the perfect name for BaoziInn as a place for travellers to relax, enjoy their bao buns and to feel refreshed. Alongside baos, the restaurant also specialises in dumplings, skewers, rice, noodles and dim sum.

BaoziInn launched their first restaurant in Chinatown and have now expanded into three further locations, including a flagship restaurant just behind Borough Market. All offer the same warm hospitality, colourful flavours and flavour-packed dishes.