Dumplings Legend


One of London’s premier Dim Sum destinations, Dumplings’ Legend is a must-taste restaurant at Taste of London for fans of these delicious Chinese delicacies.

Voted ‘Best Dim Sum restaurant’ by Time Out, as well as the Evening Standard’s No1  Chinese and Dim Sum restuarant, Dumplings’ Legend is a truly authentic highlight of London’s buzzing Chinatown. Come enjoy their famed Dim Sum specialities such as Xiao long bao, (Pork and soup dumpling), Spicy won ton, (Prawn wonton with a spicy kick), and the Har Gau Crystal (Prawn, Sichuan duck, spinach and prawn)

As well as their renowned Dim Sum, Dumpling Legend boasts an extensive list of expertly executed Chinese favourites in their restaurant. Come and try the aromatic flavours of roast Peking duck, or maybe turn the heat up with their Sichuan sea bass Chili broth, sizzling beef and Ku Po chicken.

With a deep understanding of the unique regional distinctions and traditions, Dumplings’ Legend is truly Chinese cookery of the highest level. Enjoy all this and more in one of the largest chinese restaurants in China Town.

Leong’s Legend is housed in the first penny post office in Westminster in 1794. This Georgian House building is now a three floor Chinese Eatery. Recently relocated into this flagship building in the heart of Gerrard Street, Chinatown. Ground floor retains the iconic Leong’s 1100 AD chinese tea house inn, where travellers and merchants of the yesterday years traded their coppers coins and eat their dim sum in these settings.

Upper floors have a contemporary surroundings to reflect the pyramid of area surrounding Taiwan, China. This star of Chinatown is the place to go for Chinese Taiwanese cuisine. Sample crispy duck, slow cooked pork belly in its unique sauce, to the tasty hotpots, dim sum, hearty broths and other local dishes. This is street food and modern interpretation of some of the favourite dishes enjoyed by the chinese.


15 Gerrard Street,


020 7494 1200

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