Cinnamon Bazaar


Cinnamon Bazaar offers diners modern Indian dishes inspired by the marketplaces that lie on the various trading routes that connect the empires of the Old World.

An innovative dining concept that mixes real Indian heritage with urban London, Cinnamon Bazaar is the sister restaurant of Michelin starred dining institution, The Cinnamon Club. Drawing inspiration from the colours, the sounds, the smells, the bustle and energy of the original bazaars of the spice route, they offer a cross cultural dining experience that embraces the democratic spirit of a bazaar, making it a real cultural melting pot – the perfect place to eat, drink, relax and celebrate. A place you can come at any time of the day or night whether it’s a feast with family or a friendly chat over a chai.

Their dishes and drinks take inspiration from ingredients and dishes that were popular on the historical trading routes of years past. A journey through the menu showcases how blurred the lines of authenticity and regionality can be, and how ‘global’ or ‘fusion- cooking’ is not just confined to modern cooking. Cinnamon Bazaar’s iconic chicken Haleem draws influence from India to Iran. Their Kabuli kofta with tomato makhani sauce takes inspiration from both Afghanistan and the Punjab. Their millet, date, tamarind & pomegranate salad demosntrates common links from across the Middle East. Their Lahori chicken kadhai with root vegetables connects Old Delhi to new Lahore, and their delicious chaats tell the story of the ‘Khari Baoli’ spice traders that have been trading uninterrupted since 1551. The menu itself is both a journey and an exploration of both discovery and re-discovery.


Cinnamon Bazaar
28 Maiden Lane
Covent Garden, London


0207 395 1400

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