Chai Wu


Chai Wu is a modern Chinese restaurant occupying an opulent space on the fifth floor of the world-famous luxury department store, Harrods.

The menu at Chai Wu was created by Chef Vira, who specialises in Asian cuisine, he has created a diverse menu incorporating speciality and finest ingredients.

The tasty, exotic and colourful dishes reflect the finest of modern Chinese cuisine. The menu consists of small dishes such as black truffle sour soup and Chilean sea bass dumpling with gold leaf as well as luxury main dishes including Beijing duck and Alaskan king crab with soy yuzu. At Chai Wu there really are dishes to suit every taste

The restaurant’s design incorporates the five elements of Chinese philosophy; wood, metal, water, earth and fire, creating an elegant and welcoming dining setting. A new modern restaurant in an opulent space, Chai Wu integrates the classic with the innovative, resulting in a fusion of traditional and contemporary Chinese culture.

Chai Wu offers only a first class service, as one would expect in Harrods. Serving fresh dishes every day, customers are able to enjoy the best of Chinese cuisine in an elegant setting, with the restaurant’s open kitchen and dining bar allowing guests to take a glimpse into how the food is prepared.


Harrods 5th Floor
87-135 Brompton Road


Telephone number: 0203 819 8888

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