Stuffed Penedesenca Chicken

Stuffed penedesenca chicken is a meat lover’s paradise: the stuffing is beef and pork with fruity accents from raisins, prunes, and dried peaches...

This recipe was provided by Manuel Ramirez from Hotel Mas La Boella.

To prepare the stuffing:

  1. Place the dry bread in the milk, let it soak it up and set aside
  2. Macerate all the dried fruit and nuts with the wine, preferably for 6 hours
  3. Season the ground meats with salt and pepper. Mix them with the beaten egg, the milk-soaked bread and the dried fruit and nuts. Finally, add the rancio wine
  4. Fully open the deboned chicken and place the stuffing in a cylindrical shape and then tie up the chicken with the twine
  5. Sear the stuffed chicken on the griddle until golden and then place it in the oven. Cook at 150 ºC for 45 minutes. Add a little water to the oven tray to ensure the chicken does not dry out

To prepare the sauce:

  1. Place the chicken carcass on a tray and toast it in the oven. Collect all the fat that is released and set aside
  2. Fry the diced vegetables in a pan with olive oil until golden. Add the toasted chicken carcass and drizzle a little rancio wine over everything. Reduce for 2 minutes and add enough water to cover the carcass. Cook the ingredients for 3 hours on a low heat
  3. Strain with a chinois sieve and set aside. Reduce the rancio wine to half its original volume, add the stock you collected before and continue cooking until the sauce acquires the desired consistency
  4. Once the chicken has been cooked in the oven, cut it into medallions and serve with the sauce

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Recipe Information

Preparation Time
45 min


  • 800g cleaned and deboned Penedesenca chicken
  • 5g virgin olive oil
  • 3g salt and black pepper
  • 2m butcher's twine

For the stuffing:

  • 100g minced beef
  • 100g minced pork
  • 1 egg
  • 25g dry bread
  • 10ml whole milk
  • 10g pine nuts
  • 20g raisins
  • 40g prunes
  • 40g dried peaches
  • 50ml rancio wine
  • 4g salt
  • 2g black pepper

For the sauce:

  • The chicken carcass
  • 50g carrot
  • 50g onion
  • 50g leek
  • 5g herbes de Provence
  • 250ml rancio wine
  • 4g salt
  • 50ml virgin olive oil