Prosecco DOC 'Bitter Pink'

Crisp, refreshing and ideal for a summer evening…try making a 'Bitter Pink', concocted by Italian Embassy head chef & Masterchef finalist Danilo Cortellini....
  1. Serve in large Prosecco glasses
  2. Fill the glass with ice cubes and add a couple of slices of grapefruit
  3. Pour the Campari, the Ketel One vodka and the grapefruit juice into a cocktail shaker and mix very well (or simply mix in the glass if you don't have one) 
  4. Pour the mix into the iced glass and add the Prosecco DOC and soda water
  5. Gently stir with a stirrer and serve

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Recipe Information



  • 50 ml of Prosecco DOC
  • 25 ml of Vodka Ketel One
  • 25 ml of Campari
  • 10 ml of freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice (no bits)
  • A splash of soda
  • Pink grapefruit slices to garnish
  • Ice cubes