Prosecco DOC “Bicicletta”

This zesty and refreshing cocktail by Danilo Cortellini is super easy to make and only takes a couple of minutes to prepare. Our kind of cocktail! Pair with Agnolotti Grana Padano PDO Cheese with cheese and pepper for a true Italian summer feast!

There was a time in Italy in the ’70s and ’80s when approaching a bartender and asking him to mix a glass of white wine with a splash of Gassosa (the Italian soda-lemonade) was perfectly fine! Danilo still remembers clearly his father and his friends asking for a ciclistaor bici (a.k.a. a bicicletta) during hot summer days and enjoying its refreshing light taste.

Thankfully, the years of the wine purist trend-dictatorship are over and the bicicletta is now back in a few bars, perhaps with a new and improved recipe and image.

Here is Danilo’s twisted recipe inspired by the cocktail with his all-time favourite wine, Prosecco DOC from Treviso.

  1. Fill the glass with ice cubes and a couple of slices of fresh lemon. Rub the rosemary between your hands to better extract its aroma and put 1 sprig each glass.
  2. Now pour in sequence the Tanqueray Gin, the Gassosa, the Prosecco DOC and the lemon juice and stir with a long spoon (stirrer).
  3. Your refreshing Prosecco DOC “Bicicletta” is now ready to enjoy.

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Recipe Information

Preparation Time


  • 75ml Prosecco DOC
  • 25ml Tanqueray No.TEN Gin
  • 50ml Gassosa
  • 10ml freshly squeezed lemon juice (no bits)
  • splash of soda water
  • Rosemary to garnish
  • Lemon slices to garnish
  • Ice cubes