Nikkei Sashimi

This recipe was provided by Nikkei specialist Chotto Matte.

  1. Slice and wash the red onion.
  2. Slice the jalapeño.
  3. Take the yellowtail sashimi slices and place into a small mixing bowl.
  4. Add the lemon soy and mix using chopsticks.
  5. Add the red onion, jalapeño, tomatoes and truffle oil.
  6. Lightly mix using chopsticks.
  7. Be careful not to break the fish.
  8. Arrange the yellowtail onto the centre of the plate.
  9. Place the vegetables on top of the fish.
  10. Garnish with orange zest, purple potato chips and coriander cress.


For the lemon soy: 

  1. Place the soy, lemon juice and olive oil into a small mixing bowl.
  2. Mix well using a whisk.


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Jordan Sclare
Chotto Matte

Recipe Information

Preparation Time
10 - 12 mins


  • Yellowtail sashimi 60g/6pc
  • Jalapeño 4g
  • Red onion 6g
  • Red cherry tomato 5g
  • Yellow cherry tomato 5g
  • Coriander cress 1g
  • Lemon soy (batch) 40g
  • Purple potato chips 5g
  • Orange zest 1g
  • Truffle oil 5g

For the lemon soy: 

  • Soy sauce 10g
  • Lemon juice 20g
  • Olive oil 10g