A decadent 5-course menu of recipes by Taste of London chefs

Special occasion coming up? For an inexpensive – and much more personal – alternative to a fancy restaurant dinner, prepare this stunning meal using recipes from Taste of London chefs for a truly decadent evening...

We’ve included wine pairing suggestions to each course for added wow factor, however if you’d prefer just the one bottle to see you through the night, opt for a white Rhone.


Starter: Primavera tulips

By Pascal Aussignac of Club Gascon

This glorious recipe by Pascal Aussignac is an unusual summer dish that makes spectacular use of fresh seasonal ingredients. Serve as a starter for a unique opening to any special occasion meal.

Wine pairing: Opt for a white Rhone with a Viognier base such as Condrieu. The elegant flavour profile has enough acidity and body to match the peppery, earthy notes of the dish, alongside a hint of florality that perfectly complements the tulips

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Fish course: Salmon tartare, cucumber and caviar

By Michael Reid of M Restaurants

This recipe takes the classic combination of salmon, caviar and cucumber and gives it a delicious, playful inversion. The three expressions of cucumber, pickled, compressed and as a consommé, add delightful fresh, zingy notes that really expands the cucumber’s depth of flavour.

Wine pairing: Washington State Chardonnays with a touch of Semillon are ideal here. These wines are perfect when paired with the creamy notes of the lemon crème fraiche and have enough body to match. Usually only lightly oaked, the cool, crisp, apple notes of the Chardonnay marries brilliantly with the different expressions of cucumber.

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Main course: Roast lamb with salsa verde

By Merlin Labron-Johnson of Portland

The combination of succulent lamb and fresh, acidic salsa verde are match made in heaven in this recipe by Merlin Labron-Johnson, complimented perfectly by the sweet flavours of baby turnips that are at their peak during summer months.

Wine pairing: Plump for a Priorat with a Garnacha base and possibly some Carinena or Cabernet Sauvignon to pair with the roast lamb and salsa verde. The rustic tannings and notes of prunes, blackberries and liquorice are the perfect combination to enhance the flavours of turnips and lamb

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Dessert course: Warm chocolate mousse

By Raphael Grima of Les 110 de Taillevent

This luxurious warm chocolate mousse recipe makes for a stunning finale to any meal. Serve with a quenelle of decadent chocolate ice cream for added wow-factor, or a dollop of clotted cream if you’d prefer to add another dimension of flavour.

Wine pairing: Malmsey is the sweetest style of Maderia, but features complex wood and apricot tones that offset the rich, chocolate flavours of the mousse beautifully. Nutty notes and the presence of oxidisation really lifts the palate and keeps the pairing fresh.

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Cheese course: Roquefort with aromatic apricots

By Pascal Aussignac of Club Gascon

We’ve called on Pascal Aussignac’s culinary prowess to close the meal as well as kick things off, this time with an elegant, sweet savoury Roquefort recipe that works brilliantly as a lighter alternative to a cheese course.

Wine pairing: Sauternes is a natural bedfellow for Roquefort and apricots, but for a much cheaper and still high-quality alternative Barsac does just as well here. Bright and crisp but with an incredible sweet length and heaps of complementary fruit notes, it offers a perfectly luxurious end to a decadent night.

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