World Class Cocktails at Home

Learn the tricks of the bartender at the World Class Cocktail Bar

Learn from the World’s best bartenders how to mix up delicious cocktails, using a selection of spirits, ingredients and kit you’d find in your own home. This hands-on masterclass is led by World Class Bartender of the Year, Dan Warren & award winning mixologist Jason Clarke, get involved or simply grab a cocktail at the World Class bar.

The Masterclass | £10 per person

Come and learn the essential principles to create your own great tasting cocktails at home! This hands-on interactive session will have you mixing a Bulliet Bourbon or Roe & Co. Sour and then a Tanqueray Sevilla or Ketel One Vodka Collins, two exceptionally delicious tasting classics all made with kit & ingredients you’d find in your very own kitchen! Hosted by World Class Bartender of the Year Dan Warren & award winning mixologist Jason Clarke. We recommend you head straight to the World Class Bar upon entry to book your session.

Bar Menu

Bulleit Rye Dispatch £8
Bulleit Rye | Calamansi | Smoked Ginger Ale | Bittered Sling Kensington Bitters | Mango and Jalapeño float
The fresh & exotic citrus from the Calamansi layers beautifully with smoky ginger ale, the perfect partner for Bulleit Rye

Don Julio Margarita £8
Don Julio Blanco | Fresh Lime | Agavé
A classic that needs no introduction!

Belsazar Rosé & Tonic £8
Belsazar Rosé | Tonic Water | Grapefruit Zest
The Rosé is packed with pink grapefruit, raspberry and zesty orange notes – perfect for this sublime aperitif tipple. 

Tanqueray Garden Festive £8
Tanqueray No.TEN I Freshly Pressed Cucumber I Elderflower Syrup I Sauvignon Blanc I Soda
A beautiful combination of premium Tanqueray Ten, freshly pressed cucumber, elderflower, all enhanced with a touch of sauvignon blanc and finished with a splash of soda.


Tanqueray No. TEN

Handcrafted in small batches, Tanqueray® No. TEN is distilled using fresh citrus fruits and botanicals, which give it a smooth, clean and refreshing taste. The exact proportions used are a closely guarded secret; only four people in the world know the Tanqueray recipes, which are kept under three locks in a black ledger known as ‘The Bible’. Tanqueray No. Ten has won so many awards that, in 2003, a string of unprecedented wins prompted the San Francisco World Spirits Competition to create its revered International Hall of Fame, making it the only gin to receive this accolade.

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey embodies the frontier spirit of American culture. Founded by Tom Bulleit and inspired by his great-great-grandfather‘s 175-year-old recipe, Bulleit has been at the forefront of the whiskey revolution. Bulleit uses only the finest ingredients available including the best grains and Kentucky‘s limestone filtered water, fresh from the Salt River.

Available in Bourbon, Rye and 10 Year Old, Bulleit is distilled and aged in the family tradition, featuring a high rye content lending the whiskey a bold, spicy character with a distinctively smooth, clean finish. Bulleit Bourbon‘s signature serves range from the traditional Old Fashioned to the whiskey drink of choice in 1900‘s, the Boilermaker, a simple combination of Bulleit Bourbon and a glass of beer.

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