Women of Food

Making women in gastronomy equally talked about

Our first step is our launch of the free-access UK FEMALE CHEF LIST making women-led restaurants more visible.

We want to empower women in food to network, collaborate, inspire, mentor and simply have good and delicious fun.

We’re committed to connecting passionate foodies, bakers, supper-club & street food cooks and food businesses, as well as those running restaurants.


What’s on at Taste of London?

Over the weekend of Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June we will be holding our first Women of Food salons at Taste of London, panel discussions on feminism in the kitchen, creativity and our appetite for change and chocolate!

On Saturday 16 June at 6pm, Martha Ortiz, trailblazing Mexican chef of Dulce Patria, Mexico City and Ella Canta, London will be in conversation with Sudi Pigott

On Saturday 16 June at 2pm & 7pm, Meredith Whitely of Food at Heart will hold chocolate mindful meditation.

On Saturday 16 June at 1pm, 3pm, 4pm and 8pm & Sunday 17 June at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm, there will be provocative panel discussions curated by journalist Sudi Pigott and Original Beans Femmes de Virunga chocolate.


Saturday timetable

1pm – Henrietta Inman, freelance chef/influencer/food writer, Dr Sue Bailey academic/TV food science expert; Joey O’Hara Good Mood Food

2pm – Chocolate meditation, Meredith Whitely, Food at Heart

3pm – Henrietta Inman, Alexandra Dudley, Helena Puolakka

4pm – Dr Sue Bailey, Anna Sulan Masing academic/poet, Helena Puolakka

6pm – Martha Ortiz in conversation with journalist Sudi Pigott

7pm – Chocolate meditation, Meredith Whitely, Food at Heart

8pm – Joey O’Hare of High Mood Food, Yohini Nadakumar of Sparrow


Sunday timetable

1pm – Rosie Sykes of Towpath Cafe, Rachel Roddy author/Guardian columnist, Elizabeth Haigh ex Pidgin now Kaizen House soon to open, Suzanne James.

2pm – Romy Gill of Romy’s Kitchen, Catherine Sharman Apres Food, Rosie Sykes

3pm – Catherine Sharman, Rachel Roddy, Elizabeth Haigh

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