The Schweppes Ultimate Mixer Bar

See 235 years of alchemy expertise brought to life in surprising concoctions

Join Schweppes on a journey through time, flavour and perfect pairings, as they bring over 235 years of expertise bubbling to life with their premium collection of naturally flavoured mixers, Schweppes 1783 at Taste of London.

Discover enchanting flavours of Quenching Cucumber, Salty Lemon, Crisp and Light Tonic Water as well as Golden Ginger Ale and new Muscovado – a diverse collection inspired by the pioneer of bubbles, founder, Jacob Schweppe, and expertly crafted by today’s leading mixologists to pair perfectly with the finest premium spirits. From gin to rum to tequila; each has its own Schweppes sparkling accompaniment; try them all to discover which is to your taste!

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We can’t wait to see you there.

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