Sample world-famous blends and perfect your barista skills

Of the myriad gastronomic traditions, we can thank Italy for popularising in the western world, the most ubiquitous—and delicious—is coffee. So who better to tell us about coffee than the connoisseurs at illy; premium Italian coffee roasters and inventors of the modern-day espresso machine?

Visit illy at Taste to sample their world-famous blend of nine premium Arabica coffees, sourced from the finest coffee growers across the world; from India to Brazil. Whether espresso or cappuccino is your thing, illy’s Italian baristas are set to make you the best coffee you’ve ever tasted.


A pop-up version of illy’s legendary University of Coffee will also enable guests to #beyourownbarista, with experts offering the chance to get hands on, and learn exactly how to make the perfect coffee. Running through the nine different single origin roasts that make up illy’s famous classic blend, you will discover a symphony of aromas, with hints of flowers, fruits, caramel, toasted bread, chocolate, almonds and honey.

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