Johnnie Walker Whisky Vault

Welcome to the Johnnie Walker Vault, home of exceptional Scotch whiskies. Sign up for our masterclass and learn how to make your own Johnnie Walker Black Label Old Fashioned from our team of whisky gurus, or enjoy a whisky cocktail at the bar.

The Masterclass | £10 per Person

Learn to craft your own Johnnie Walker Black Label Old Fashioned from a team of whisky gurus in a modern, functioning re-imagination of Johnnie’s 200-year-old grocery store workshop. Choose from a selection of bitters, syrups and garnishes to heighten your favourite flavours found within the whisky. We recommend you head straight to the Johnnie Walker Whisky Vault upon entry to book your session.

Bar Menu

Johnnie Walker Black Smoky Rose £8
Johnnie Walker Black Label | Fever Tree Smoky Ginger Ale | Burnt Rosemary. The smokiness of Johnnie Walker Black Label pairs beautifully with burnt rosemary

Johnnie Walker Winter Berry £8
Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve | Freshly Muddled Blackberries & Raspberries | Lemon | Fever Tree Soda | Hibiscus & Pine. The fruit driven notes of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve compliment these winter berries superbly.

Johnnie Walker Black Fashioned £8
Johnnie Walker Black Label | Hop House 13 Reduction | Hickory Bitters | Grapefruit oils. Smooth as silk, the hoppy notes bring balance against the smokiness of the hickory. A perfect combination for any Johnnie Walker Black Label enthusiast.

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