Cheese Tasting Tours

Sample the world's best cheeses as part of the World Cheese Awards

World Cheese Awards Tours

Fancy yourself the cultured type? As part of World Cheese Awards, at the weekend when the official judging is done Taste of London offers a unique opportunity to experience the world’s finest cheeses and learn from the best in the business, as you taste your whey around the vaults with guided tours from expert judges.

Space is very limited, so make sure secure your spot quick, before every man and his mouse gets wind and wants a slice!

Cheese: when red wine fails. Taste 5 cheeses where red wine doesn’t work and what to drink instead (Sat & Sun)

Discover the world away from cheese and wine. World Cheese Awards experts will talk you through a tasting of what to do when red wine doesn’t work and what to drink instead.

Pimp my Cheese – the funky and dangerous world of flavoured cheeses (Sat & Sun)

Join a top cheese expert from the World Cheese AWards to uncover the funky and dangerous world of flavoured cheeses and taste your way to your favourite flavours.

Appellation nation – what is the protected food name scheme and why does it matter? (Sat & Sun)

Why are some cheese names protected and what does it mean? This tour and tasting of the classics explores what the protected food name scheme is and why it matters.

How to eat cheese – a trip through the basics and what you’d learn at Academy of Cheese Level 1 (Sat & Sun)

Learn how the experts do it. A trip through the basics – how to taste, compare and talk about cheese and the steps to find out more with the Academy of Cheese.

The raw milk revolution: is unpasteurised always better? (Sat & Sun)

A tour and tasting where World Cheese Awards experts bring you into the conversation of the moment: pasteurised versus unpasteurised. Is unpasteurised always better?

Tours run throughout Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 November and last for 20 mins each.

Tour tickets are £8 per person. To book your spot, purchase an entry ticket to Taste of London and then add on a Cheese Tour ticket.

If you have already booked a ticket, head to the tickets page, select the session and ticket type you’ve booked and enter your booking reference. You can now select a Cheese Tour as an add-on to your ticket.


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